Court Characters- $525 to 850

These characters served as architectural details in one of the royal temples of the court of Mandalay. Even with the cultural influence from India and the presence of the British Raj, a distinctive style flourished in the capital of the Burmese Kingdom. Old Theravadan Buddhist temple complexes in Burma are surrounded by walled courtyards, guarded by gargoyles, chimeras and various figures from folklore. These particular carvings were part of an open air pagoda which featured a large Buddha sitting in meditation underneath a bodhi tree. Perched in the branches of the great tree were the royal princes accompanied by their ministers, courtiers, courtesans and entertainers in poses of ceremony and obeisance.

Hand carved teak wood with vestiges of paint
variation in sizes, approx. H. 13"-18" W. 6"
19th Century, Mandalay style