Inca Walking Fish, painted ritual vessel- $85

We were beguiled by the fierce grin on this fantastic creature which surfaced recently in the Peruvian Andes. We're calling it a walking fish. Height 6 3/4'', Width 3 3/4'', Length 16'', a contemporary piece by an Inca artisan made of fired clay and painted with original geometric designs in antique colors. There is a pipe stem opening on top and another opening at the mouth.

The Inca Civilization flourished for several centuries in the mountains of South America until the prophesized arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. Archeologists have unearthed a strange array of artifacts from previously undiscovered sacred cities (ie. Machu Picchu). We now know that they worshipped elements of nature such as mountains, thunder and rivers but can only imagine the exact use of their ritual vessels.

Walking fish vessel
painted and fired clay
H. 7" L. 16"
Inca culture