Benjarong (Cachepot)

In old Siam, this elegant style of pottery was used exclusively for royalty. Even today, the finest pieces are made by appointment for their majesties, the King and Queen of Thailand. Fine ceramics have been made since the Sukothai period, but the craft lineage certainly comes from China. Never the less, these cachepots show a European influence that came into vogue following the Siamese regents historic trip to France and England around the turn of the century.

On a recent expedition we discovered a Benjarong workshop and actually saw these pieces being painted by hand. Each one is a unique color and design.

Height: 5 3/4 inches
Diameter: 4 7/8 inches
Material: Porcelain, 24K gold details
Culture: Hand painted, originally made for the Siamese Royal Family
Country: Thailand
Price: $85 each - SOLD, but we may be able to find something similar, please inquire