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Monster Bells

The Legend of Monster Bells-
antique charms for your protection

Long long ago, deep in the mists of time, when the gods were busy manifesting all creatures out of the primordial soup, they knew that everything had a purpose. Whether it was a microscopic bacteria or a great white elephant it had a reason to exist. Even screaming babies and vicious great white sharks have a purpose in the grand scheme of things. Nevertheless, sometimes the dark forces do get out of hand and then the
Gods must intervene to reestablish balance.

On fertile Mother Earth, some rather volatile creatures had proliferated, including Homo Sapiens, who were as good as angels some days and, when their egos got out of hand, as dangerous as devils. Some things are
precious, pure and sacred and must be protected from mischief makers. So the Gods cooked up a host of guardians: sphinxes, griffins and dragons and one huge monster, called Rakasha, with an enormous mouth and such a voracious appetite he ate everything in sight, including his own body.

In no time at all, the situation got out of control. The mighty god, Shiva, took hold of Rakasha's head and hurled it into outer space where it continues to circle the globe. Occasionally Rakasha comes upon the sun
or the moon and gobbles them up, but because he has no body they quickly reappear, thus explaining solar and lunar eclipses.

The ancients understood that sound has the power to charm things great and small. That is why ritual songs and gongs and bells have endured from one age to the next. Since the second millennium BC, China has had an
especially rich production of bronze age artifacts including many kinds of bells. No one seems to know exactly how old the Monster Bells are, but we note that they were made during several dynastic periods as seen in the
variety of design, composition and patina. They were distributed by trade caravans along the Silk Road and by ship to many exotic islands and kingdoms where they are still discovered today. According to the old lore,
Rakasha is fierce, but he will be your devoted guardian if you summon him sweetly with this ancient bell.

Monster Bells
Price also varies by age, condition and rarity ($9 - $95)
Material: Bronze, copper and tin
Age: Centuries old
Culture: Asian Mythology
Origin: China