Black Rhino

H. 3 5/8"
L. 6 3/4"
W. 2 1/2"
Price: $64.

Our black rhinos are finely carved teakwood with remarkably realistic textured hides. They look fierce but will stand comfortably in the palm of your hand.

According to legend, extraordinary powers are instilled in the horn of a rhinoceros. The Asian shaman and African medicine man prescribe rhinoceros horn for virility and focus. It's not such a preposterous idea when you consider the raw strength of these behemoths. They look like they came from the prehistoric age. They survived longer than the dinosaurs. They are like huge armored buffalo grazing peacefully on the African savannah, then in a split second they can charge with unstoppable fury. We are drawn to their remoteness, we admire their potency and their natural instincts.