--the jackal headed god who opens the way for the departed and helps in the chthonic transformation process. He actually presided over the mummification of Osiris(the central god of ressurection).

Anubis guides the soul to the scales of justice in the Underworld and weighs the heart(conscience) of the deceased against a feather(truth). If the heart is heavy with the matter of the world it is tossed to Amam, part crocodile, part hippo part lion to be eaten and passed into this world again.

Each incarnation is another opportunity to attain perfection. The desire for perfection and immortality is often miscontrued and gives rise to superstitious practices. The story of Osiris is the classic example of ressurection of the perfected soul. In the all too rare event that the heart is balanced, the deceased is reborn as a golden star being and sails with Ra across the heavens.

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