Jaguar head
blonde wood
H. 11" W. 11" D. 10"
Huave tribe
$125 - $250. - SOLD, but we may be able to find something simliar, Please Inquire

Wild jaguars, with their elusive mystique, are legendary for their beauty, ferocity and gracefulness. There are various re-occurences of the jaguar motif in Latin American art and mythology. It plays a central role in the Deer Dance of Guatemala. It is associated with rain in southern Mexico, and each year in Oaxaca, Guerrrero and Puebla, young men dress in traditional jaguar costumes and masks to assure the arrival of rain. The jaguar in folk art stretches back over 3000 years to the Olmec era. One of the most important months of the Aztec calendar was named Jaguar. Those born under the jaguar sign were thought to possess the characteristics of the feline. They were daring, proud, and powerful. The jaguar is associated with the night, fertility and the underworld. On the remote Tehuantepec coast, indians carve and paint stylized heads of their sacred animal.