Observe some of the wonderful objects in our current collection. Spirit masks from Africa, Indonesia and Mexico worn originally for dances, initiations and other native rituals, still offer protection, transformation and abundance. Medicine tools, vessels and amulets are used by shamans to align the body and mind with nature.

Nature Rituals and Masks
The mask-making ritual, like all rituals of nature, helps people focus on their purpose and reason for being--on the people we would be if we could drop all artifice and pretense and could see our true purpose clearly. Rituals of nature, in the indigenous view, help people transform so that they become more "real"--more respectful of the gifts provided by the natural world, and more attuned to the nature within us, that is, to our own true nature. Healing, by definition, is this process of coming closer to nature -- to the nature around us as well as the true nature within. - Malidoma Patrice Some, The Healing Wisdom of Africa