Saints, Sages and Virgins
Paintings from the Andes and the Himalayas

This collection illuminates the similarities and contrasts the styles of two classical painting traditions. The Christian retablos depict a more human expression of love and godly mission whereas the Buddhist tangkas illustrate transcendent deities and vast heavenly cosmologies. Since the beginning of time art has been inspired by man's search for purpose and his reverence for the divine. These paintings capture the very essence of artistic creation; they are an earnest expression of devotion to an ideal.

We chose the best pieces we could find based on artistry, value and charm. The paintings from the Andes are done in antique oil colors with solid cedar wood and gold leaf frames. Their counterparts from the Himalayas are painted with natural stone colors on linen scrolls, some with original silk brocade borders.

Can the visionary art of Peru and Tibet relate to our personal lives? We think it touches the heart and focuses the mind. Indeed, we seem to have found tangible evidence of an inspired planet.