To enter The Secret Room,
find your way to the center
of the labyrinth.
Trithemius labyrinth Trithemius



Ancient Spiral Emblem from Stone Age Temple-on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea, more than 3500 years old.
As the worshipers entered the holy place they passed a threshold with these
spirals on either side.  From archeological evidence, we know the structure
was aligned with the moon and therefore this is a celestial map of the lunar path,
with sacred center.


Turq skull

Turquoise Encrusted Skull from Pyramid Tomb-in the central state of Oaxaca, the Zapotec civilization was flourishing a thousand
years ago.  They existed at the same time as their southern neighbors, the Mayans,
and were probably influenced by Teotihuacan in the north.   The mile long pyramid site of Monte Alban contains a sacred ball court, observatory, places for healing, sacrificial altars and necropolis for the dead.


secretSleep Buddha

Our white bearded hunter/gatherer Dudley rang the Big Ritual Gong at Wat Pho in Bangkok.
The temple is known for its ancient medicine school and the colossal Sleeping Buddha.
Our shop collection features temple gongs, spirit gongs and gamelon gongs.


The Emerald Tablet, also known as Smaragdine Table, Tabula Smaragdina, or The Secret of Hermes, is a text purporting to reveal the secret of the primordial substance and its transmutations. It claims to be the work of Hermes Trismegistus ("Hermes the Thrice-Greatest"), a legendary Egyptian sage or god, variously identified with the Egyptian god Thoth and/or the Greek god Hermes.
This short and cryptic text was highly regarded by European alchemists as the foundation of their art, in particular of its Hermetic tradition.

Arabic translation
A new translation bypassing the Latin has just been published by Nineveh Shadrach from the original Arabic of Book of Causes attributed to Apollonius of Tyana.[1]

  1. It contains an accurate commentary that can't be doubted.
  2. It states: What is the above is from the below and the below is from the above. The work of wonders is from one.
  3. And all things sprang from this essence through a single projection. How marvelous is its work! It is the principle [sic] part of the world and its custodian.
  4. Its father is the sun and its mother is the moon. Thus the wind bore it within it and the earth nourished it.
  5. Father of talismans and keeper of wonders.
  6. Perfect in power that reveals the lights.
  7. It is a fire that became our earth. Separate the earth from the fire and you shall adhere more to that which is subtle than that which is coarse, through care and wisdom.
  8. It ascends from the earth to the heaven. It extracts the lights from the heights and descends to the earth containing the power of the above and the below for it is with the light of the lights. Therefore the darkness flees from it.
  9. The greatest power overcomes everything that is subtle and it penetrates all that is coarse.
  10. The formation of the microcosm is in accordance with the formation of the macrocosm.
  11. The scholars made this their path.
  12. This is why Thrice Hermes was exalted with wisdom.
  13. This is his last book that he hid in the catacomb.
Ptolemaic system
Alc Birth Stone Air
Hermes Fire
ALC Leonardo Man
Sun Macro


inspired planet

Green Woman Statue, This Nature Deva is handcarved stone from Bali, a one-of-a-kind sculpture. She has lived in a sacred water garden for some time and is now looking for a beautiful new home in which to dwell and bless. Approx 20" tall. Quite heavy. Original moss. $350. inspired planet


Ritual Daggers in miniature from Madura Island of the Java coast. These are esoteric pieces, rare but not old. Left represents Semar beloved trickster with mystical Arabic sheath. Right Keris with mystical eye hole and Arabic writing on sheath. 2¾” $ 25. inspired planet


Siamese Juju Nuts. We collect these intriguing talismans from a crusty witch who forages in the jungle for earth medicine. The star pattern, texture and woody quality feel good in the hand. Limited supply. 1½” $9,
smaller ½” beads $2. inspired planet


Naga Head. Carved bone primitive ancestor with hair. This is a very odd and rare talisman from remote Nagaland.
4½” tall. $250. inspired planet

Sage Pipe

Sage Pipe. Opium pipe made of raku pottery. We found this old sage in Vietnam. Includes metal mouthpiece. Sorry opium not included. $85.inspired planet


Antique Buddha in the form of a Monk. Carved teak with real gold leaf. 19th Century. Burmese. Age damage on one hand and base. The face is stylish and compelling. 6”. $350. inspired planet


Ex Voto Eyes. Sterling silver eyes have a double meaning on the island on Sicily, They represent a healing for the eyes and a prayer for insight.
Large size- $165 inspired planet


Celtic Cross. Rustic and handsome cross, hand carved from jambonese wood. Old Celtic culture stretched from Scandinavia to Ireland to France and beyond. Gothic Claret with Silver.
Old Celtic style.16” tall, $36.inspired planet


Magic Pentangle. For Wiccans, this is the power symbol of The Craft. Handcarved jambonese wood, with Celtic knots and tendrils. Gothic Claret with Silver tones. 12”, $36.inspired planet

peapod Earring
Spiral Cross.
This is a handsome cross with vines handcarved into wood, suitable to be hung on the wall or at your altar. The color is red claret grey with silver tones. 21” tall. $40.