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Pokara Valley with Anapurna range, Nepal

Inspired Planet Tours

For years people have been asking if they could come along on our exotic travels---

After all, we've been discovering the most beautiful and fascinating spots on earth for more than twenty five years.
Painted for the hunt, Kikuyu tribe East Africa.

  We're now planning adventure tours to Bali, Peru, Nepal and Africa focusing on the culture, spirituality and nature of each region. We choose the best and most economical hotels close to the action or set in beautiful landscapes. Delicious and colorful cuisine adds spice to our journey. You will enjoy native music, dance and ritual.
Each trip can be customized for more sport, luxury, learning or relaxation. Start dreaming of your ultimate trip, then consult with our expert leaders about what is possible in these wonderful destinations. We will create a dream trip for you full of excitement, memories and a sense of accomplishment.
Dudley Levenson , our trip leader and director of Inspired Planet, has been traveling the earth for thirty-five years, exploring indigenous cultures and researching classical traditions. He is a photographer, lecturer, artist, travel consultant and incurable collector of art and handcraft which is shown around America and especially at his gallery in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts for the last 21 years. A Manhattan native with nomad spirit, Mr. Levenson went to art museums in New York as a boy and was exposed to anthropology at University of Pennsylvania, but emphasizes, "I really felt the fire of interest ignite when venturing through Central America, Africa and the Orient. His recent trips have been to Egypt, Ethiopia, Burma, Rajasthan, Nepal and Tibet.

Dudley ringing a temple bell, Nepal.

Please send us your wishes and requests. And stay tuned for more details here at
Inspired Planet Travel.

Machu Picchu, Inca ritual center in the clouds, Peru.

We fly over Mt. Ag220

ung, sacred volcano on the beautiful island of Bali.


Poolside, Bali.

Maskmaking, Bali.

Market Woman, Peru.

We meet Lions, Africa.

We meet Bengal Tigers in a special sanctuary established in the countryside of Thailand for the preservation of the species. You can observe, even pet, tiger kittens. Walk gingerly around the big cats, they are beautiful but ferocious.


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