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Imagine a large gallery interior, grand 18th century architectural style, some atmospheric furniture, some ultra-modern touches and gizmos for amusement. The ceiling is open sky. This is the main showroom for paintings, artifacts, idols, rugs, etc.
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     Observe some of the wonderful objects in our current collection. Spirit masks (in The Den of Osiris) from Africa, Indonesia and Mexico worn originally for dances, initiations and other native rituals still offer protection, transformation and abundance. Medicine tools (in The Den of Osiris), vessels and amulets are used by healers to align the body and mind with nature. As always, we have a great array of wood and silvered bronze Buddhas, gods and goddesses to inspire you toward your enlightenment.

Our barn is inhabited by a whole menagerie of whimsical animals. Folk-art tigers can be seen leaping stylishly, while elephants curl their trunks. Gaze upon unsuspecting garden frogs, Peruvian walking fish and handsome wooden horses. We're particularly proud of our finely carved black rhinos.

If you love wood, come admire our collection of burl boxes and exquisitely patterned burl slabs. As you know, architectural details can make a house. We have carved Florentine corner braces and ornaments, some of them gilded. Note that a new selection of antique cache boxes has arrived.

When you come in we'll ring a Burmese Temple Gong for you from our excellent selection. We have antique Tibetan Singing Bowls, each one with a penetrating harmonic tone. If you're looking for Tibetan ritual objects, we have bell and dorje sets and tingsha chimes, all hand selected for the best sound.

Besides our splendid collection of silver (in The Vault), semi-precious stones and old tribal jewelry, we have a great array of prayer beads which can be held for their power, counted in meditation, or simply worn for their beauty. These include authentic Tibetan malas made with mellow wooden beads, sacred seeds and dharma charms.


peapod Earring
Root Goddess
From ancient times, Balinese believed that the powers of nature rise up through the earth, through the rich dark soil, entering the roots of plants and trees.  That life force is sacred and carries a blessing.  When nature is seen, respected and integrated, earth and mankind will live in harmony.  
The face represents the Earth Goddess.  Hand carved coffee wood.  39”,  245.
peapod Earring
Peapod Earrings
Our exclusive design made from Lapis Lazuli and sterling silver. Good color stones with flecks of copper. They bring abundance and prosperity.
Silver hooks. 2 ¼" long $75.
peapod Earring
Peapod Earrings
Turquoise peas and sterling leaves. Our own design which brings abundance to the wearer. Various colors of authentic Himalayan Turquoise. Silver hooks. 2 ¼" long $75.
peapod Earring
Chinese Immortal
From early Taoist mythology come wisdom principles embodied in ageless sages.  This wise man sits enthroned, looking stately and serene.  He is made of solid copper and therefore quite heavy. Collected in Vietnam.  4 ½ “  $275.

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