Our Purpose:

     Inspired Planet offers you a collection of artifacts, images and information as well as ornaments and furnishings imbued with natural and mythic wisdom from native, classical and emerging cultures.

       The collection interweaves art and ideas from different eras and lands, illustrating the positive influence of one tradition upon another.

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       In the midst of our chaotic world, we get stressed, even discouraged by the discord that surrounds us. And yet we've heard that throughout the ages there have been enlightened ones among us, inspired artists interpreting beauty and truth, indigenous people living in harmony with nature and spirit. The flame of that knowledge encouraged our investigation and enterprise. We hunted throughout the world and, indeed, found tangible evidence of an inspired planet.

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       Take a look at what we have gathered. Enjoy the celebration, ask questions, purchase from our collections, contribute to the web site, appreciate the earth and her full spectrum of cultures. We hope that you will be inspired!


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Our Commitment and guarantee:

       We have been collecting artifacts, images and information professionally since 1976. We look for products that integrate artistry, inspiration and value. We present exhibitions, lectures and special sales each season to a loyal clientele around the country. Our current gallery, in Lenox, Massachusetts, has been operating for 21 years. We take pride in the quality of our goods, delivery and customer relations. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Photographs available for purchase or on a per use basis.

Please E-mail (info@inspiredplanet.com) us for permission and contract.

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